It’s been a while since we have featured our beautiful and inspirational Brand Ambassador Kelly Cartwright. After taking some time out from Sport due to an injury and for the birth of her gorgeous little boy Max, Kelly is back and ready to jump straight into training. Not only is Kelly gearing up for competition, she also has some other exciting projects she is working on. We caught up for a ONNE on ONNE with Kelly to see what she has planned for 2017.

So 2017 has had a speedy start, in three words what will 2017 be for you?




You have just been named as an Ambassador for Rare Cancers Australia. Tell us a little more about this.

I have and I couldn’t be more excited!

My role as ambassador it to create awareness and an understanding of people diagnosed with rare or less common cancers. There are significantly fewer treatment options and funding for people living with Rare Cancers. Until things become more accessible and things change we need to push for fundraising and awareness.

What does this role as Rare Cancers Ambassador mean to you?

Having being diagnosed with a Rare Cancer myself, I know first-hand how little treatment/research there is. Every cancer patient deserves a fair fight, whether that be access to treatment, research or financial support. Until these support services get better, I won’t stop pushing.

You have started training again, what competitions do you have coming up in 2017?

I have!

For 2017 is about building a strong healthy base! After taking a break to recover from an ankle injury I need to ensure I go about this the right way. I will be taking each week/month as it comes and I will aim for the domestic season at the end of the year. I have to go about things differently this time around and not push myself too quickly (as much as I would love to ) my aim is 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, so I have to make sure the I pave the right path!

How are you finding training and preparing for competition again after your time off?

I would be lying if I didn’t say it was hard, not just physically but mentally. In a way, it’s like starting all over again. But I’m enjoying the challenge and I’m so thankful for the wonderful team I have behind me. I love my sport and being fit so that’s what helps me stay motivated on those hard days!

Tell us a little more your training and what it takes to be an elite athlete.

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. For me, I’m training almost every day! As I’m trying to build that base again to make sure my ankle and body are holding up. I am doing a lot more than just being on the track. Initially, I am doing a lot of gym training, swimming, pilates etc. This way I can get back to the track feeling confident and strong.

It also takes a healthy lifestyle outside of training. I make sure I watch what I put in my body by eating the right foods and drinking plenty of water.

You have also started to mentor young women making their way into Sport, tell us more about this role and the types of athletes you will mentor.

This month I was very lucky to be part of WinS (Women in Sport) mentoring evening. It was an evening where young female athletes from all sports got the chance to sit down with myself and many other inspirational mentors. I was able to share my journey, my experience with resilience and how to overcome setbacks. The best thing about this night was that all the aspiring athletes were able to sit down one on one to ask questions and get honest answers about how to deal with all aspect of Sport.

This must be very exciting being able to help encourage and guide young athletes?

It is very exciting!

As much as it is fun being an athlete, it can also be very hard. If sharing my own experiences, good or bad, can help make another athletes journey easier, than that would mean a lot to me.

What part of this role do you find most rewarding?

The fact I can pass on my experiences good or bad. As well as being able to help younger athletes through their journey in sport.We should all encourage each other and push each other to greatness and I hope that through this

We should all encourage each other and push each other to greatness, I hope that through this I am able to do just that.

What advice would you give to young people aiming to be professional athletes?

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Even the best athletes in the world have bad days, bad competitions & days where they question what they are doing. But it’s pushing through those times that make you stronger and more resilient.

Also, make sure you love what you do.


Follow Kelly Cartwright on Instagram @kellycartwright now to keep up to date with her training and other exciting news. She might even have some skincare tips and tricks.

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