Onne Mini Set


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The ONNE Mini Set is the ideal discovery kit so you’re free to try and test the trio before using the full sized natural skin care solutions.

Complexion Cream (50ml)

The ingredients in this cream are specially formulated for treating your skin, reducing the signs of aging and restoring you to your glowing self.

Clarifying Cleanser (50ml)

Our Clarifying Cleanser has been carefully crafted to clean, clarify and correct the skin. With Rose Water for reducing redness and Chamomile for its potency in fighting inflammation and bacteria, this cleanser is ideal for restoring and protecting the skin.

Balancing Body Balm (50ml)

Indulge your skin to a refreshing treatment of ONNE’s Balancing Body Balm, containing a wonderful cocktail of restoring and rejuvenating ingredients. Not only are the ingredients all-natural, such as the moisturising Coconut Oil, the antiseptic Rosemary and the hypoallergenic Chamomile, it’s also all good for you!

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