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5 Tips for Maintaining Beautiful Hands and Nails

When applying your daily moisturiser, it can be easy to forget your hands and nails. Your hands are one of the main parts of the body to show signs of aging. It's important to get started now if you haven't already. Did you know that ONNE's Balancing Body Balm also doubles as a hand cream?

Regularly moisturise your hands

Because we use them so often, our hands need more moisturising than anywhere else. We recommend using a moisturising cream on your hands at least three times a day using ONNE's Balancing Body Balm. Grab a travel size Body Balm for your handbag so you can moisturise on the go as well!

You need to moisturise your nails, too!

For those of us that love to add a bit of colour to our day with nail polish, it's important that we take care of our nails. The chemicals in most nail polish removers can be damaging to your nails and the skin around them. Even if we keep our nails bare, we want our fingernails to be healthy and strong. When using your daily moisturiser, make sure to rub it into your fingernails and cuticles to keep them hydrated.

Keep up a healthy diet

The food you intake is important for maintaining the health of your hands and nails. Vitamin B is important for reducing brittleness in your nails and regulates your skin's pigment production. This prevents dark spots from appearing on your hands. Eating foods with calcium and iron will help keep your nails strong, so put some green veggies in your cart next time you're out shopping!

Protect your hands

Protecting your hands and nails from the elements is vital to preventing damage to the skin. Get a pair of rubber gloves and protect your hands while you're washing dishes, gardening or cleaning the house. You don't want the nasty chemicals in those cleaning products or dirt to be getting into your skin.

Take care of your cuticles

If you were unaware, your cuticles are the layer of skin at the top of your nail, which protects your nails from bacteria. Use a cuticle pusher to nudge the cuticles back off the nail. This preserves the cuticle and prevents it from peeling or drying. You don't want to trim the cuticle itself, but you can use a nail clipper to trim any dead skin that forms around the nail.