Calendula and Its Benefits

Calendula is an anti-inflammatory and antiviral type of plant, of which the most commonly known plant is the marigold. Marigolds and other flowering plants in the calendula genus contain properties that are vital for herbal remedies. There are many benefits to using this plant extract, both for your overall health and for the appearance of your skin. Here are the reasons why this amazing yellow plant is so good for you.

Improves your overall health and wellbeing

Plants in the calendula genus have antibacterial and antiviral properties. This makes them capable of healing minor injuries such as scrapes or insect bites. Applying a cleanser with the flower extract to the wound can speed up the healing process due to its anti-inflammatory capabilities. Within your body, its anti-inflammatory abilities work similarly. Calendula plants are potent enough to treat ailments such as ulcers, sore throats and ear infections. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also known to ease gastrointestinal discomfort. The dried flowers can be brewed as a tea to promote your inner health.

Rejuvenates the health of your hair

The oil can soothe the scalp and reduce the appearance of dandruff. Regular application of calendula extract hydrates the scalp and soothes dry, flaky skin. Additionally, calendula oil regenerates the follicles in your hair, increasing hair growth and providing a luscious head of hair. Say goodbye to dry, brittle hair by applying calendula oil to the roots of your hair.

Energises your skin regeneration

The extract also works as a skin-conditioning and regenerating agent. This means it can help your body heal itself more rapidly. The extract accelerates the healing process by stimulating the metabolism of the proteins required for the skin to heal. Studies show that these flowers can promote skin health, restoring damaged skin to a soft, healthy state. The calendula extract in ONNE's Clarifying Cleanser is the perfect solution to revitalising the health of your body, inside and out. The cleanser is gentle on sensitive skin and particularly beneficial for dry or flaky skin. Regularly using a cleanser with calendula can soothe and reduce redness and inflammation of the skin. Even just a small amount is effective at targeting the bacteria that cause irritating sores and inflammation.

Minimise the signs of aging

The benefits go beyond aiding the restoration of damaged skin. Using the extract restores the overall appearance of your skin, making it even-toned and soft. Its restorative powers can reduce the appearance of wrinkles through its moisturising and stimulating properties. Calendula extract promotes firmness and hydrates your skin to ease the signs of aging. The collagen in calendula extract is important for preventing blemishes and scarring, to keep your skin feeling healthy and smooth.

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