How To Clear Acne Naturally

So, we've covered everything we need to know about the causes of acne, and the myths surrounding acne. The Eunoia Edit has also written a guide to reading the breakouts on your face, and how those signs can point to internal symptoms. By this point, you're probably wondering what tricks we have up our proverbial sleeves for clearing away that pesky acne. Well, stress no more! Our tips to naturally clear acne will have your skin glowing and clear in no time.

Exfoliate regularly and gently

As we well know, clogged pores are one of the main causes of acne. Exfoliating reduces the buildup of dry skin and oils, allowing the skin to properly breathe. The ONNE Skin Sparkling Sponge is the perfect product for this, as an all-natural facial exfoliant. By to remove sebum, dirt, and bacteria in the skin, the sponge also gently removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores. When you begin exfoliating, rub the gently across your face in circular motions. This allows your natural glow to shine through, without those pimples holding it back. Using an exfoliator a few times a week is a wonderful way to remove blemishes and bumps, and preventing future breakouts.  

Cleanse with an oil-based solution

There are many benefits to using natural oils, and reducing the redness and inflammation of acne is just one of them. ONNE's Clarifying Cleanser contains oils such as calendula and patchouli oil, which helps to heal skin irritants. One of the worst parts of acne is the unavoidable redness that accompanies it. Thankfully, the rose water in the cleanser targets that redness and returns your skin to its natural complexion. White oak bark is a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient which targets inflamed skin to clear acne. With antioxidants such as vanillin and chamomille, ridding the skin of bacteria and acne-inducing toxins is almost magical. Use the cleanser once every evening to remove the build-up of makeup and pore-clogging oils. You'll be back to your glowing self before you know it!  

Nourish your skin with a clay mask

We have covered the many benefits of clay masks before on the Eunoia Edit. One such benefits of clay masks are reducing the appearance of pimples and skin blemishes. Another culprit causing acne is oily skin, which opens up the pores and allows blockages to occur. Using a kaolin clay facial mask absorbs the excess oil and dirt in pores, reducing the onset of acne. Rich in antioxidants from Green Tea and flavonoids from Gotu Kola, the Moisturising Mask is perfect for protecting the skin from bacteria. The clay also draws out the dirt in existing pimples and blackheads, reducing the severity until they eventually disappear. White oak bark also reduces redness so that those unfortunate pimples aren't super distracting. Set aside ONNE day once a week to relax with a clay facial mask, and feel all your worries and breakouts fade away.