Face Mapping

Face mapping is a theory that your face can provide insight regarding issues on the inside of your body. In practice, this is done by tracking where blemishes and break outs occur, and assigning them to internal bodily functions. By learning what each specific area may relate to, you can then try to treat the internal issue. The result should help to clear up your skin and improve your overall health and well-being. While any immediate medical concerns should be addressed by an appropriate practitioner, this method can help identify minor problems. "Reading" your skin may be the key to pinpointing lifestyle or diet issues, and can also help identify ways to improve the function of your organs. Simply by reading these signs in your skin and understanding their significance can help create a happier, healthier you. We've compiled a bite-size breakdown of ancient face mapping theory, so you can get started!


This area indicates issues in the gallbladder and intestines. Sweat and stress may also be guilty of acne in this area. Eating healthier and more fibrous fruit can work to treat issues in the gallbladder and intestines. This includes fruits and vegetables such as bananas, spinach, apples, and broccoli. Reducing your consumption of harmful substances like alcohol and processed foods, and practising yoga, basic exercise or meditation can help to reduce acne here and improve internal health.

Between Eyebrows

Pimples that pop up in this area may indicate that we are holding stress in our spleen or liver. Dietary choices such as alcohol and fatty foods can cause breakouts in this area. Another possible cause of inflammation in this area is allergies that are causing irritation. The recommended treatment for this area suggests drinking lots of water and cutting back on alcohol. Reducing intake of dairy can help to reduce irritation in this area.


Blemishes or redness on the cheeks is linked to the respiratory system. Poor air quality, allergies or asthma may cause skin irritation in this area. The trick to maintaining healthy lungs is to avoid smoking, get lots of fresh air, or see your doctor for respiratory problems such as asthma. Another trick for strengthening your lungs is practising mindful breathing exercises. Combined with meditation, these exercises help to reduce stress, which is another major cause of breakouts.

Under Eyes

Puffiness and swelling around the lower lash line can indicate that your kidneys aren’t functioning as well as they could be. Dehydration has a large effect on the kidneys, and this is where this area of the face is mapped to. Drinking water regularly can help to reduce the dark circles and benefits your kidneys are at the same time. Try to avoid dehydrating beverages such as coffee or alcohol. Lack of sleep also can have an impact on this area, so getting a good eight hours will be beneficial.


Blemishes on the nose can point to a problem with the function of the heart. Some of these concerns can range from poor blood circulation, cholesterol or high blood pressure. If the problem is persistent, then getting your blood pressure checked at a medical clinic may be imperative. Heart health is often correlated to stress, so practising relaxing activities is an excellent choice for both your heart and your nose. High salt intake can have a negative effect on both your heart health, so try reducing sodium and upping essential fatty acids.

Mouth and Chin

The most common reason for your chin breaking out is an imbalance of hormones. A big influence on this area is the reproductive system, so you may notice you break out more often around your period. Reducing stress can help to keep hormones balanced and the skin around the skin smooth.

Jaw and Neck

This area of the face is also linked to hormones. Dehydration is one of the most prominent causes of breakouts in this area, so make sure to be drinking water often. Reduce intake of salty food and caffeine to help the skin return to its natural state. Are you looking for more detailed information about the intricacies of face mapping? Try looking into the Ayurvedic teachings, an Indian system of medicine where the idea of face mapping originated. These guides can help you to fully understand your body, inside and out.