Foods That Help Fight Aging

We've already gone over the foods that will help clear your skin of acne, but there are even more nutritious ways to keep your skin healthy. Our diet is one of the most important contributors to our health, no matter what our age. Many of the natural foods we encounter on a daily basis are high in vitamins that are beneficial for our skin. With that in mind, it is a good idea to be aware of what we are putting in our bodies. Today, we've put together a list of anti-aging foods you can look for at your local supermarket.

Here are 7 anti-aging foods that you can integrate into your daily meals to prevent the outward signs of aging


Avocado has long been touted for its contribution to healthy, beautiful skin — and for good reason. They are filled with a healthy type of fat called monounsaturated fat, which helps your skin stay hydrated. Regularly consuming avocado can help you absorb some vitamins and nutrients that your skin needs from vitamin E and B. Avocados are rich in fatty acids that moisturise the skin to keep it supple and smooth.


Onions are both a staple in many recipes and an excellent natural source of vitamins. They contain anti-aging nutrients such as vitamin C and sulphur that are essential for achieving wrinkle-free, smooth skin. The vitamin C helps form collagen which is important for maintaining healthy skin. Onions also contain antioxidants vitamins that protect the skin against UV damage, which is often the culprit for signs of premature aging.

Kakadu Plum

Sticking to the Vitamin C theme here, Kakadu Plum in the richest source in the world! It contains 55 times the amount of vitamin C than an orange, making Kakadu plum a must-have. Not only that, but these local beauties are jam-packed with antioxidants and natural acids which aids the skin's health and elasticity. Kakadu plums can be eaten raw, as a purée or as a juice to benefit from their anti-aging properties.

Dark chocolate

Not all chocolates are created equal. Most commercial chocolates -- that is, milk chocolate with a high sugar count -- contains a large amount of fat. On the other hand, 100% cacao powder is the perfect addition to your morning smoothies. And those of you that love a bar of the chocolate head for the 75-100% cacao. The more cacao, the better it is! The cocoa plant behind this tasty treat is packed with antioxidants, which hydrates skin and enhances circulation. Regularly consuming cocoa powder drinks that are high in flavanols significantly reduces the appearance of rough and scaly skin. Consuming two squares of dark chocolate a day improves brightness of the skin - just sticking to two is half the challenge, but it's so worth it!

Davidson Plum

This native plant grows in the rainforests in Queensland and New South Wales and is an excellent source of antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent free radicals from spreading through the molecules in the skin, keeping it bright and renewed. The tarty flavour of Davidson's Plum makes it a perfect addition to sweets such as crumble or jam. Davidson Plum has the power to regenerate skin with its potent anti-inflammatory properties and promotes elasticity in the skin.

Bell Peppers or Capsicum

The antioxidants in yellow, red, green and orange peppers can help decrease skin's sensitivity to the sun. Eating green and yellow vegetables regularly tend to have fewer wrinkles, especially around the eyes. Additionally, vitamin C in capsicum aids in the formation of collagen to keep your skin firm and smooth. Red capsicum has the highest nutritional value out of the bell peppers and is a good choice for your diet.


This indigenous red fruit, known as the 'wild peach', has been a staple for the Pitjabtjara people for over 50,000 years. Quandong is valuable due to its medicinal properties and its ability to treat skin conditions. It contains twice the vitamin C of an orange, vitamin E, and rutin, which is an antioxidant that targets free radicals. The Quandong fruit is excellent for reducing dark circles under the eyes and protecting skin from the signs of aging.


This herb is loaded with antioxidants and helpful anti-aging properties that rejuvenate the skin. Applying rosemary essential oil to the skin rehydrates and smooths out wrinkles or eyebags. Rosemary stimulates cellular growth to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and skin blemishes.


The juice in pomegranate seeds contains natural anti-aging acids that help protect your body from free radicals. Moreover, pomegranates contain a supernutrient that may increase your body's capacity to preserve collagen, which is vital for keeping your skin smooth and youthful. The vitamin C in this fruit fights to protect your skin from UV damage and prevents the signs of premature aging. Additionally, the oils in pomegranate prevent the moisture in your skin cells from drying out and keeps your skin looking fresh and hydrated. One pomegranate or a glass of pomegranate juice will be enough to keep your skin looking radiant (be sure to check the sugar content of any juices first, however!).


Tomatoes are one of the best foods to eat if your goal is to achieve wrinkle-free skin. They contain several interesting properties that make them exceptional at preventing and reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Their most notable quality, its pigment, can neutralise the harmful effects of UV light by eliminating the skin-damaging free radicals. A daily intake of 5 tablespoons of tomato paste in your diet can defend your skin from harmful UV rays and keep your skin looking soft and supple.