Four Common Skin Sins

In the quest to flawless skin, people are continually looking in the newest products, tools, and procedures that promise miracles. But no matter how good your products might be, if you are inadvertently slipping up on the basic skincare rules, your quest will be futile. We share four common skincare mistakes to avoid for bright and radiant skin.

Over Exfoliating

Exfoliation is fantastic for the skin as it removes dead cells, draws out impurities and helps to maintain oil balance. However, overdoing it can do more harm than good. Some exfoliating agents, such as gritty scrubs, can work a little too well, potentially harming your skin’s protective barrier. When you over-exfoliate, you strip the epidermal layer and the skin’s natural oils, leading to flaking, dryness, redness, and even infection. 1-2 times a week is what recommended for powder or liquid exfoliants. The super gentle Skin Sparkling Sponge can be used daily.

Going to bed without washing your face

Hitting the pillow with makeup can spell disaster. Removing your makeup before bed helps reduce breakouts by removing not only your makeup but also daily oil and grime buildup. It also allows your skincare products to be absorbed, and therefore work more effectively. 

Ditching the Moisturiser

Many people with oily skin try cutting out moisturising from their beauty regime fearing it will cause breakouts or more oiliness. This is a big misconception! Regardless of your skin type, daily application of moisturiser is a must and needed to keep the skin well hydrated. 

Make up brushes

Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

Using dirty makeup brushes is definitely one of the worst skin care mistakes you can make. Besides the lingering makeup, the brushes hold on to dead cells, grime, bacteria, dirt and much more that is transferred to the skin, which can cause breakouts and infection. Make sure you wash your brushes regularly - after every use is best, as you can leave them to dry for the next day. Your skin will thank you!