Get Your Skin Glowing For Christmas

With the holiday season swiftly approaching, there's no time like the present to start preparing. With our specially designed beauty routine, we'll make sure you're looking angelic this Christmas.

Daily Regime

First of all, make sure you're drinking lots of water. Not only is this important with the warmer weather coming up, but it's good for you all year round. Staying hydrated is important to keep your skin plump and healthy, not to mention the wonders for your internal health. You don't want to be dried out this Christmas! Bring a water bottle around with you and fill it up regularly. For the twelve days before Christmas (and every other day!) it is important to maintain a regular beauty routine. By cleansing your face every morning and evening, you can ensure that your skin will be glowing brighter than the northern star. Don't forget the rest of your skin! By moisturising your body every day, your skin will be looking divine. We all know that Christmas isn't exactly known for celebrating healthy food, but that doesn't mean we should let our diet go in the meanwhile. Keep up your nutritious and healthy diet until the big day, then the turkey and pudding will taste even better! Working it off is something that New Year, new me can worry about.

Weekly Regime

Once again, the Christmas feast isn't an excuse to get slack with our exercise routine. Give yourself something to look forward to by making yourself work harder for it. Head to the gym or the pool a few times a week, and get your blood circulating. Set yourself a goal and stick to it. You should be exfoliating once a week using both the face rub and body scrub. It's important to be practicing this regularly to prevent the build-up of excess skin, dirt, and oils that build up over time. However, exfoliating too regularly can irritate the skin, so keeping a regular schedule is ideal for the best effect. Much like exfoliating, we also recommend using a clay facial mask once a week. Set aside one day a week, ideally a Saturday or Sunday, to winding down with a facial mask. Not only will you feel relaxed, but your skin will thank you! Cleansing your pores with a facial mask is the perfect way to ensure that you will be glowing on Christmas Day.