How to Keep Your Skin Healthy While Traveling

In all of the fuss around travelling - making sure everything is packed correctly, keeping tabs on your plane tickets, and the all-so-important passport - it can be easy to miss parts of your skincare routine. It may seem like there isn't enough time to do a face mask while half your belongings are spread across a hotel bed as you're searching for that elusive toothbrush. But with ONNE's new Travel Pack, moisturising on the go just became that much easier. Here are some tips before you head off on your next jet-setting journey.

Use a cleanser before crashing for the night

Maybe you've had a long day roaming across the city, and your feet are so sore they could fall off. Before you crawl into bed and prepare for the next day of adventures, run through a quick cleansing routine with your ONNE Travel Size Cleanser. This will ensure that your skin is refreshed and glowing for the next step on your trip. The mini cleanser is small enough to easily fit in your suitcase, ensuring more room for clothes!

Make sure to stay hydrated

Whether your destination is a sunny one or not it's important to keep your fluids up at all times. Keep a large drink bottle on you in your handbag or backpack. This will help keep your skin supple and fresh throughout your adventuring. Drinking water isn't the only way to keep hydrated, either! Keeping a spritzer bottle is also a good way to maintain hydration, particularly during long hauls on a plane or coach. Fill your spritzer with freshwater or rose water for those long trips so you don't overheat. Just make sure you take off your makeup first!

Refresh your skin mid-flight

Your beauty routine is just as important on those long, tiring flights across continents that feel like they might never end! Especially with the stuffy air on the plane that can dry out your skin, moisturising is even more necessary. Bring your ONNE Travel Pack in your carry-on luggage and freshen yourself up on the plane. Not only will it make those exhausting trips feel less frustrating, but your skin will definitely thank you!

Take some time to relax

There may be so much to see, and so little time, but you and your skin will benefit from a chill day as well. Take some time to absorb the city, take it easy and relax with a Moisturising Mask and let yourself breathe a little. Travelling can be stressful, and that stress can be damaging to your skin. The tourist attractions will still be there tomorrow, and your skin will be glowing when you visit them.