ONNE on Onne with stylist Jem Juthamat

Earlier this year we collaborated with Jem Juthamat the beautiful home and beauty stylist behind the stunning Instagram feed @juthamat_by_jem. Jem's achingly beautiful style of fresh and minimalist will make you want to re-work every room in your own home. We caught up with Jem to chat about her love of styling and her top tips for a clutter-free home.

Your images and styling is always impeccable, what is your background?

I don't have a professional interior design background, I'm self-taught and have actually worked as a makeup artist and jeweller for most of my adult life. Both of these jobs I've had have been a great influence on my interior styling and how I've ended up perusing this as my full-time passion/ job. I'm saying passion first because I genuinely love what I do and would do it even if I was never recognised for it. That's been an absolute gift, connecting with so many inspirational and truly talented people from all over the world. My background in makeup and jewellery has shaped my eye for detail, my striving for perfection and seeing beauty in all things. I find the art in everything I do, from cooking for my loved ones, doing my own makeup to interior styling for a photoshoot. So first and foremost I would say my background is as an artist. A creative thinker that thrives on being inspired by life in general; people, nature, food, culture, love.

Describe your personal aesthetic.

When my family and I moved into our own place, I felt my knowledge of interior wasn't quite right. I didn't know exactly what interior style suited me. Until one day I was sitting in front of my wardrobe looking at the style of clothes I had. Long flowy maxi dresses, a lot of white and other neutral pieces of clothing, simple basic tops, denim jeans and gold jewellery. And it was like a light bulb went 'ting' inside my head. I should have known! My personal aesthetic is Bohemian, Nordic infusion. Minimal, clean lines, soft details, neutral palette with a bit of gold and green.

When did your passion for styling start?

My passion for styling started when I was asked by one of my closest friends to design and style her wardrobe room. We had so much fun and we were both in love with the result. When I saw how much was achieved and the happiness it brought her, I knew this was something I want to continue to do.

What was your inspiration to start styling?

My inspiration came from not one, but two things. When my family and I moved out of the inlaws place, into our own home and from excitement, of having a plain canvas to work on. I had finally got to decorate and turn a house into a home for my family.

Tell us the 3 things you can’t live without in your home.

Number 1: Plants. I love my plants. They keep me grounded. When I spend time looking after them, it's very therapeutic and they benefit the whole family's health. Number 2: Scent. I love my candles, diffusers, scent sticks. A scent can be very powerful to the mind. It's very important to find a scent you like that makes you feel positive. Number 3: Wire grid board. It is one of my most liked items in my studio. My mind cannot function on ideas and plans unless I have them on my grid. It's a wonderful way to see what goals are set and to see inspirational notes and pictures. I also love displaying my prints on there.

How do you stay updated on the current trends?

Social media keeps me updated. Following accounts that inspire me. Whether it be fashion, food, location, home interior, or beauty. Social media is a powerful tool to use for this and I love the fact that everything you need to know is in the palm of your hand.

What style advice would you give to someone experimenting with colour for the first time in their home?

Pick one colour you love. Start displaying that colour in spaces like the kitchen bench, coffee table, side table, dining table or a shelf.

What are your tops tips for de-cluttering the home?

Great question! Pick 3 neutral foundation colours. Mine are black, white and brown. Then pick at least one pop of colour. My pops of colour are gold and green. This can help de-clutter items that don't fit into this colour palette.

What does Australian style mean to you?

Australian Style to me is DIVERSITY. It's diverse in its colourful patterns to its natural fibres. As an Australian, I am proud of how diverse our countries people are and that's reflected in the unique styles of all the multicultural communities that call Australia home. I feel like Aussie style is always fresh, it's chic but edgy, crisp and classy and everything in between. What makes Australian Style so special is that the diversity in our country means that we all wear our unique styles proudly. We celebrate our individuality and that's what Australian Style means to me.

As well as styling you have a YouTube channel, tell us a little bit about that.

My YouTube started when I decided to retire from being a freelance makeup artist. I've always loved playing with makeup and beauty products, both of which I'm still passionate about today. Having a YouTube channel and doing videos is a great outlet for me to share one of my passions with other people around the world who might be interested in. I went in with no expectations of getting any likes, comments or followers. It's a platform where I can have fun being creative if other people enjoy watching my videos, that's a bonus. I currently have beauty-related videos on there, but I'm hoping to do some home interior videos too.

Where does your love of makeup come from?

After I had my mum asking me to do her makeup one day. That's when I saw how powerful makeup can be. I experimented more on myself as well as other family members and friends. Seeing how happy it made others feel and their reaction was priceless. That's what I care about most of all and what made me love makeup.

You feature in many of your images always looking impeccable, what do you do to keep your skin looking healthy?

Something I wish I was taught as a teen, and that is to try and eat a lot of healthy food. Look after your health, and your body will reward you. I'm not perfect with my lifestyle choices, but I try to be because I would rather wear no makeup and have nice skin. Using the right skincare products too also really helps. I love using skincare that has natural ingredients because they're packed full of good nutrients and minerals that benefit my skin. Also, I try using a mask daily. Using a good nourishing mask is ideal.

This year is already flying by, what do you have in store for the rest of the year?

I have dedicated some time this year to myself to follow my goals one step at a time. Also, I am wanting to keep being inspired by others and really challenge myself to learn new things this year, as well as planning to make more YouTube videos.

What’s next for you?

I have ideas written down. Can't give out too much detail. I'm hoping to have some sort of product ready before the end of this year. You will just have to wait and see!

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