Do You Know The Benefits Of Kaolin Clay

First discovered in the rugged mountains of East Asia, it is named after the Kao-ling mountain in China, where the clay was mined for centuries. In recent years, Kaolin clay has become increasingly popular as a natural beauty ingredient. Mostly due to its gentle texture, coupled with powerful absorbing properties. As fine-grained earth material, Kaolin clay can be used by all skin types, including those who have sensitive or dry skin. When it comes to cosmetic uses, Kaolin clay is incredibly versatile.


Here are some of the ways Kaolin clay can help you achieve radiant, purified and healthy-looking skin.

Soothes Sensitive Skin

If you find physical scrubs and traditional clay masks too harsh on your skin, then Kaolin clay was made for you. It will satisfy all your exfoliating needs without causing irritation.

Reduces Oily Skin

Kaolin will help soak up excess oils as well as sebum on the skin and within the pores.

Treats Acne

Kaolin clay is good for treating red blotchy painful and pus-filled acne. You can treat acne effectively with kaolin clay by making a weekly acne treatment

Exfoliates Dead Cells

Due to its fine texture and high content of silica, Kaolin effectively removes dead skin cells, keeping skin looking smooth and soft.

Purifies Pores, Detoxes and Cleanses the Skin

Kaolin clay is also known as a powerful detoxifying agent which helps suck out impurities such as; dirt, grime, excess oil and any type of pollutants that are clogging up your pores. This cleanses the pores as well as prevents clogging and causing breakouts. So if your skin is in urgent need of a reset, or if you are looking for a weekly mask to add to your skincare regime, the ONNE Moisturising Mask harnesses all the beautiful benefits that Kaolin Clay has to offer.

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