Keeping Your Skin Hydrated This Winter

We all know the struggle of keeping our skin hydrated during the colder months. Darker days and chilly winds can deal a blow to our beauty regime if we're not adapting for the seasons. Luckily, ONNE's Balancing Body Balm is your number one go-to for bright, fresh skin this Winter. Here are some of the many wonders of this product.

Moisturise after showers

There's nothing better on a frigid winter's day than coming home to a nice, hot shower. However, the heat from the water can cause cracks in your skin. This causes the sensitive nerves underneath to be exposed to the air, causing irritation. As we approach the colder season, it's more important than ever to thoroughly moisturise your skin post-shower. Use the ONNE Body Balm after your shower to fill in those cracks and heal any damage to the skin.

Maintain beautiful hands

While gloves may keep our hands warm, it is also important to keep the skin looking healthy too. The aloe vera in ONNE's Body Balm is a powerful natural solution to chapped skin. Apply a small amount of the Body Balm to your hands once per day to reduce the appearance of dry or cracked skin.

Allows for luscious lips

One of the most sensitive areas during winter is our lips. Don't forget, the worst thing you can do for dry lips is lick them! If you find you're reaching for your lip balm frequently, then ONNE's Body Balm is for you. Apply a small amount of Body Balm to dry or chapped lips to keep them looking full and healthy.

Use as a night cream

The days might be darker, but the skin under your eyes doesn't have to be. Each night, apply a small amount of Body Balm underneath your eyes before going to bed. This rejuvenates the skin under the eyes to keep you looking alert and fresh every day of the year.