Know The Difference Between Cleaning And Disinfecting.


During this time of uncertainty, we are all hyper-aware of germs, bacteria and viruses. We wanted to dive deeper into the process of cleaning and disinfecting and how they are two completely different procedures that should be used together to remove and kill pathogens.

Cleaning and Disinfecting, 2 Separate Steps & Products. 

Cleaning, accomplished with soap–or detergent–and water, refers to the physical removal of dirt and grime, and in the process, some portion of the germs on a given surface. Sometimes cleaning tools, including sponges and cloths, move germs from one surface to another. The main aim of a cleaner is to lift dirt and grime. 

A disinfectant is very different from a cleaner. Designed to kill and eliminate pathogens in a specific time frame - “contact time”. The contact time is vital to eliminate any pathogen. It means that the surface needs to be exposed to the disinfectant solution for a specific time before it does what it’s supposed to do. 

Always Clean Before you Disinfect.

It is essential to clean or remove any visible soils before disinfecting. Cleaning removes loose soils, preparing the surface or object to for disinfecting.

Disinfecting kills pathogens on the surface, preventing them from spreading. If a surface is not clean first, germs can hide under soils and reduce the efficacy of the disinfectant.

What Areas Should you Disinfect?

High-touch points should always be disinfected. Depending on the surface and location, you may have to disinfect high-touch surfaces several times a day. 

Washing your hands is key.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, health authorities have been urging us to pay attention to our hand hygiene — and for good reason.

Washing your hands with soap and water is one of our cheapest forms of infection control, and also one of the most effective.

It significantly helps to prevent and slow the spread of infection.


Disinfectant recommended by ONNE.

At ONNE HQ we have always had high cleaning and disinfecting protocols. With our sensitive equipment as well as our own brand ethos to think about, we needed to ensure we chose a product that was non-corrosive, non-toxic, 100% natural, pH-neutral and effective. Nanocyn has been all of those things and more for our brand for a number of years. 

I hope during these times you and your families stay safe.


Carlia. x