Moisturising Mask - New And Improved

You may or may not have noticed that we recently made a few minor changes to our iconic Moisturising Mask.

Yes yes, you might be thinking 'the mask was already amazing, how could it possibly get better?'. Your right! It was great, and we didn't know if we could make it better, but we did.

So what exactly has changed you might be wondering? Well, we have not taken anything out, but we have added some of our favourite Australian native ingredients into the mix.


Onne Moisturising Mask

Kaolin Clay is still the base, and this mask is still designed to soak up excess oils while hydrating and soothing dry, irritated skin. However, we have now packed it with the nourishing and skin-repairing properties of Mountain Pepper Berry, Emu Apple and Riberry Fruit Powder.

Mountain Pepper Berry Cellular Extracts are naturally multifunctional and deliver powerful antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-acne and skin conditioning properties. It also supports Vitamin C and collagen production.

Emu Apple packed with nine individually potent phyto-active compounds they have been shown to have multiple skin benefits including collagen support, hydration and absorption.

Riberry Fruit Powder packed with trace minerals and abundance of antioxidants, which help purify, regenerate and repair the skin.

We gathered genuine thoughts on the new formulation:

Sue Peterson:

"The ONNE moisturising mask is “the one”! It’s capabilities to moisturise deep, smell delicious, hydrate for a dewy complexion is real. I use it once a week and it keeps me feeling pampered and young. Thank you for such a treat!"

Cynthia Abdulafia:

"I spend a lot of time outdoors, breathing the fresh air, feeling the elements against my skin. Surprisingly, it was only after I tried the Onne Moisturising Mask that I noticed how harsh the elements have been on my skin lately- sun, wind, salt makes us feel alive and connected to this earth, but they leave their mark on already dry skin. This mask has seemed to heal and repair years of exposure on my skin, especially when I use the Onne Complexion Cream after the mask. I feel soothed and repaired. I pay a lot of attention to moving my body and eating foods that nourish this amazing form but I was slow in my life to pay attention to my skin. I am grateful that I found these products that match that care and attention. I feel more well-rounded, I feel healthier, and I enjoy those elements against my face all the more because I know I am caring for myself with the best possible products out there."

Cynthia Abulafia

Gina Brooke:

"ONNE BEAUTY clay mask is the most effective mask for revitalizing and hydrating the most sensitive skin. I'm addicted to this very powerful Australian mask using Kaolin clay as their base specifically designed to soak up excess oils while hydrating and soothing irritated skin. Loaded with natural ingredients such as White Oak Bark and Bentonite clay provide anti-inflammatory properties and combat redness. ONNE BEAUTY Hydrating mask Provides instant results and the perfect product to use on a daily basis! It makes a noticeable difference and will instantly boost the appearance of your skin post rinse and beyond. Try it Once and let ONNE work its magic."

Claire Brien:

"I love my Onne face mask!! It is my favourite weekly treat for my face!

Being an international businesswoman, this face mask used to save me after my international business trips. I would pop it on when I arrived at my destination after a shower, and it really helped my skin recover after a dehydrating flight. The next day I would look great going to my business meetings, and I swear it is my secret weapon!

I also use this face mask as a treat for my skin once a week, when relaxing with a glass of wine watching a movie on the weekend! I love the way my skin looks and feels after - supple, even complexion and moisturised!

Also being a yoga teacher, using cruelty-free products is very important to me. Knowing that Onne is not tested on animals and their packaging is sustainable helps my conscience when purchasing.

Lastly, I am passionate about buying and supporting Australians brands, so purchasing Onne is one small way I can do my bit to support local. I would 100% recommend this face mask for those who need a product to really rejuvenate their skin."