ONNE on Onne with Chloe - Founder of Chai Addict

Chai Addict is a super-charged masala chai concentrate, made by artisan spice-masters in Melbourne from only the best and freshest ingredients. The amazing woman at the helm of this stunning brand is a self-confessed foodie, blogger, and all-around healthy living fan, Chloe Janson. A self-proclaimed recovered caffeine addict, Chole discovered the benefits of replacing her coffee with chai, after a few too many sleepless nights in 2015. We spoke with this amazing Chai Master about all things Chai! Chai Master

What motivated you to switch from caffeine to chai?

Back when I was working for The Man, coffee was my go-to. Melbourne’s coffee culture is so ingrained and has never been in short supply of incredible baristas who can make a truly amazing cup, that it would be rude not to! Despite loving the smell, the flavour and the social aspects of coffee, I was happy to forego the caffeine jitters, heart palpitations, wide eyes and sleepless nights tossing and turning. So I decided to kick that over-caffeinated habit and started replacing it with delicious warming cups of chai. (Psst, I still love coffee).

What are the health benefits of chai compared to caffeine?

LESS CAFFEINE IN YO DIET! WOOHOO! #winning haha. Ok so, I’m no expert but only recently, I had my nutritionist friend, Heather from @feedyourbodywell, do an Instagram takeover for Chai Addict explaining all the health benefits of chai. Just to give you a sample of insane benefits, chai has been known to improve digestion, relieve pain, improve circulation and fight some infections. If you’d like to find out more of the good stuff, head on over to @chaiaddict_melb on Instagram or search the hashtag #nourishnuttakeover.

What has been your favourite thing about producing Chai Addict?

Meeting my addicted fans and hearing their positive feedback. It’s also quite satisfying watching my customer's faces light up when they first get a taste. Warms my heart like a chai hug in a mug. Meeting makers in the biz, talking through the ups and downs of business and supporting each other. Slapping on that very first Chai Addict label on a bottle was quite a proud moment. Seeing vegetables grow at the community garden where I compost all my ingredients – I like to think that I had a hand in it ;)

Which do you prefer - hot or iced chai?

I don’t discriminate, I love them both equally. Actually no, that’s a lie haha. Hot chai in winter…can’t beat it! There’s something warming and comforting about the ritual of making chai and enjoying it with feet up, reflecting on life.


How do you come up with such creative recipes to use with chai?

It helps to be a foodie and a lover of cooking. Anytime I want to create something in the kitchen, I’ll always dabble by adding a bit of chai to see if the flavours create a special bond.

What is your favourite travel destination?

Right now, anywhere in Europe. I lived in London for a couple of years which was my doorstep to so many beautiful places. I recently went to Greece in the Peloponnese and I was blown away with Monemvasia, a fortress built up against a mountain, overlooking the Mediterranean sea. Philippines - naturally. My motherland is raw and grimy yet the people are always happy. It’s a developing country where there’s a great divide between the rich and the poor but it’s slowly getting better. Diving in El Nido – two words. Stunning. Breathtaking.

How do you balance between managing Chai Addict and your downtime?

Yoga & gym for exercise. Catching up for dinner & drinks with friends in the evenings, to maintain a balanced lifestyle (and my sanity).

Do you have a life motto, and what is it?

Go hard or go home. If you’re going to do it, do it right. Listen with intent.


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