ONNE on Onne with Yvette Le Blowitz founder of Spa it Girl Part 1.

Yvette Le Blowitz, the Founder of Spa it Girl, is one of the world’s top Luxury Spa Travel Reviewers, Writers, and Bloggers. She is also a judge for Asia Spa Awards for Asia Spa Magazine. She is the Top 1* Spa + Wellness – Blogger, and Influencer in Australia and has been awarded and named as one of Australia’s Top 50 Influencers in 2017. We caught up with the gorgeous Yvette to see what inspires her, how she keeps healthy and what exciting things she has coming up. We ended up chatting and having so many questions that we have split the Q&A into 2 posts.

You started blogging about the spa and wellness industry before 'Blogging' was even a word. Tell us what motivated you to start writing and reviewing this industry.

I fell in love with visiting Day Spa’s and the way they made me feel receiving Spa Therapy was the most 'feel good' thing I had ever experienced in the whole wide world. It made me feel so good inside that I knew from that moment on, I wanted to share this feeling and discovering with others, so they could feel good within too. That’s when I decided, all I ever wanted to do was write and review Luxury Day Spa’s and Spa Treatments. I stuck with writing about the Spa Industry and supporting this particular industry during the GFC. Starting my very first blog as a little random act of kindness and I knew if I wrote from my heart and soul, with the purpose of serving others, that the universe would always have my back. I never focused on being in the Spa Industry for the money, I focused on my love for it. Fast Forward 8 years and having devoted my life to writing about Luxury Spa’s, Spa Treatments and Spa Destinations globally, I am now the world’s leading Spa Blogger, Reviewer and Writer as well as the IT GIRL of the Spa Industry. I now inspire other girls to become their own 'Spa it Girl', to feel good by visiting a day spa and receiving Spa Therapy.

What are some of your favourite moments along the way since starting your blogging journey?

Finally getting to visit the Maldives as 'Spa it Girl'. As well as being recognised in the Global Spa Industry as one of the Top Luxury Spa Travel Reviewers, Writers, and Bloggers. Also helping others to change the way they feel from within, seeing the personal transformations of my very own Spa it Girl Blog readers. It has been amazing and so heartfelt to see them have healthy glowing skin, to feel good within, to be bursting with energy, love, light, love, positivity, confidence and chasing their own personal dreams, is really something special.

You believe that spas are about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being that goes beyond the beauty benefits, what are your 3 favourite spas to date?

This is a hard one, every Spa I have ever visited has been really lovely. However to narrow it down here a few of my favourites:

Australian Favorites:

Dreamtime at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat: They have 33 Spa Treatment Rooms Spa Sanctuary and when you walk out to your outside treatment room it’s on an elevated outdoor walking wooden deck path, you are immersed amongst Mother Nature. The native spa garden and surrounding trees were truly amazing, I found it to be one of Australia’s most spiritual Spa environments that I have ever been too. They offer so many Spa Treatments it was unbelievable. The Healing Waters Spa at Silky Oaks Lodge It’s like no other luxury Australian Spa experience. I got to immerse myself in their Healing Waters Spa Ritual and when I was doing so, all I could hear was the running of the Mossman River. You are just looking out to the beautiful rainforest, whilst immersed in their warm bath before it’s time to move to the spa treatment table. Niramaya Spa & Beauty at Niramaya Villas & Spa I had their 'The Journey of Niramaya Bliss' and it truly was 2.5 hours of total Bliss. The Spa Therapist was incredible, she made me so relaxed. I actually drifted off to sleep. I also had one a 24 Carat Gold Facial and my skin felt amazing. After that, after I left their Spa, I felt like a whole new person again, so relaxed, calm, re-energised. I was like a whole new person.

Overseas Favourites

COMO Shambahala at COCOA COMO Island Maldives I had one of their Signature Massages, as well as a Dreamy Flower Bath, all in a stand-alone villa where the views out of the window were across the Maldivian Ocean and all I could see was the beautiful crystal colours of turquoise and blue.   

COMO Shamhahala Estate in Bali It's about 14kms from UBUD. I had one of their Traditional Massages in their Open Spa Pavilion, amongst the beautiful rainforest. All I could hear was mother nature and when I indulging in a treatment, it was like WOW this place is something special. I seriously could go on and on, I love visiting Spa’s so much, it truly is my one love.

What is your personal favourite travel destination and why?

Maldives hands down without a doubt. It has the most beautiful crystal clear turquoise water I have ever seen. Every day when I wake up in the Maldives till I go to bed, I can’t stop smiling inside and out. It makes me feel so good, I can’t wait to go back.

Favourite wellness destination?

Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. It was the most inspiring and uplifting wellness experience I have ever had. I got to immerse myself in the sheer natural Australian setting, I got to wake up every morning and focus on my breath, learning how to practice Qi Gong. Plus, I tried out so many different classes like Yoga, Yin Yang restorative Yoga, Pilates, Boxing, Cycling, you name it. I ate freshly picked Organic food and met so many like-minded girls and women, as I went on my own. I attended so many different talks, had my own wellness and fitness tested. At this retreat I had the best nights sleep, it was unbelievable, I can’t wait to go back again. I did a Social Media Detox also. This was hard at first as an online blogger. Although it was the best thing I have ever done and I totally recommended trying it.

Favourite spiritual destinations?

Definitely COMO Shambahala Estate in Bali. It's surrounded by the beautiful rainforest, it is so pretty. They have an open Yoga pavilion with Yoga and Meditation practices. I would wake up and connect to my own breath the Spiritual Energy was so beautiful. Silky Oaks Lodge is also a favourite. I practised Yoga outside on their Deck in and amongst the Rainforest. All I could hear was the running of the healing waters. When I looked up and around, all I could see was the beauty of the surrounding nature. It was truly something special. I felt so spiritually connected from within.

What inspired you to start ‘Self Love Sundays’?

It was actually my Mother. Every single Sunday, she would dedicate to taking care of herself. She would always sit outside on the patio in the sun and paint her nails. Sunday’s were always about taking time out for herself. Relaxing, doing little affordable 'self-love' and 'self-care' things that we could do at home. She used to love the simple little things. Reading a book, having a cup of tea, popping on some beautiful face cream or hand cream. All so she could feel good from within. Naturally, this Sunday self-love practice rubbed off on me. I have been practising it every Sunday since growing up. I thought what an amazing 'Self Love' practice to share to all of my 'Spa it Girl' blog readers and community. That's how #SPAITGIRL Self Love Sunday was created. Now together collectively, we celebrate loving ourselves unconditionally. Taking care of ourselves every single Sunday, no matter what. Spa it Girl’s learn to put themselves first even if it’s for only one day of the week. Stay Tuned for Part 2.

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