ONNE on Onne with Yvette Le Blowitz founder of Spa it Girl Part 2.

We caught up with the gorgeous Yvette Le Blowitz the Founder of Spa it Girl to see what inspires her, how she keeps healthy and what exciting things she has coming up. We ended up chatting and having so many questions that we have split the Q&A into 2 posts. Here is Part 2.

What/who inspires you?

My Mum, she always taught me to believe in myself and to live my dreams no matter what and to always be kind to others. The Queen of daytime TV, Oprah Winfrey. I grew up watching her, from a very young age with my mum. Louise Hay also, she was always on 'Oprah', my Mum loved her to bits also. I learned from a young age about Self Love and how it had to come from within. Deepak Chopra, he has to be one of the most amazing spiritual teachers and mentors I could ever have.

What makes you happy?

Visiting Day Spa’s of course. Helping to inspire others to feel good within as well as meeting like-minded girls and women through my global Spa it Girl blog network. Spending time with my beautiful family and friends. Walking, practising yoga and meditating Spa Travel and capturing the dreamy Spa it Girl moment.

You’re a proud advocate for R U OK Day, what inspired you to be a part of this particular charity?

Sadly I lost one of my Cousin’s to Suicide she was only 18. At the time I couldn’t understand it. It was such a difficult thing to go through, the grief was so deep, it really rocked our family. Still nearly 10 years on, we are still coming to terms with it and healing. It really did change everything, along with how I see the importance of doing everything you possibly can to have the very best mental health. I have been writing about Health, Wellness, Fitness, Self-Love, Self Care for so long now, I thought if I can help others to feel good from within, to be kind to one another and to ask the question 'R U OK?'. No matter if people are busy or not, by starting this conversation could possibly lead to helping someone else who is struggling.I’ve been an Ambassador at Heart now for at least 5 years. It’s truly been a great healing process by opening up and talking about my own personal experience. I’ve been an Ambassador at Heart now for at least 5 years. It’s truly been a great healing process by opening up and talking about my own personal experience. In this time I have seen the 'R U OK?' message grow. Personally, I think it's such a great Charity, as life is fall of ups and downs, but the more we can love, support and be kind to one another, the better. I do my best to ask the 'R U OK?' question throughout the whole year, it’s such a great way to check in on people. By doing so you could actually help to save or improve someone’s life and the way they are feeling. I totally recommended everyone to join in.

What are your tips for keeping healthy mentally?

Practising yoga and Meditation. It helps to clear your mind, relieve stress and to feel good within. It can take you from feeling really overwhelmed, to calm, centred and on top of the world. Eating Healthy. Taking care of yourself by doing things that make you feel great. Exercising. Self Love over Self Help – Spa Treatments!! Surrounding yourself with positive feel-good people. Ditch anything that is toxic or personally brings your mood down. Being grateful and giving to others. Always being kind to yourself and everyone else. 8 hours of sleep is key! Journaling and getting your thoughts out. It’s always better out than in. Talking to someone when you need family or a friend. Or even opening up and talking to professional counselling when things in your life start going downhill.

What do you do to stay fit?

By practising yoga and walking. They are my two absolute constants. I also love doing group fitness classes like; Les Mills Body Attack. It’s a high energy aerobics style class, that always inspires me to do my best.

Fitness, do you have a favourite workout regime or do you base your workouts around your moods?

Yes absolutely. I also tune into how I am feeling and that’s how I workout doing what is best for me. Some day’s I might feel like working on my upper strength so I will do a Yoga practice for that. Other day’s I feel like I need to get out from behind my computer and walk the day off. I very much tune in to what my body, mind and soul needs.

What are your top fitness tips for those that lack motivation?

Just do it – don’t think, instead put your walking shoes on and get out of your house. Make your own Fitness Happen. Connect with what makes you feel good inside and do that. Workout to feel good from within and not just for body image. Once you connect to the feeling, it’s so much easier and it becomes way more enjoyable. Also if you really lack motivation try and catch up with someone else each week to walk with. Once you have committed, you are more likely to show up to workout because you don’t want to let that other person down. Join into Yoga classes, or Group Fitness classes, or even if you need it; connect with a personal trainer who can help motivate you to become your very best.

Do you have any lifestyle tips you can personally share?

Make the time each day to listen to your breath, relax and send yourself kind loving thoughts. Detach from any negative energy and only say or focus on what makes you feel good within. Smile, exercise, do your best to eat a healthy fresh plant-based unprocessed goods, make time to love yourself and take good care. Meditate, Meditate and become clear on what you want your life to be and feel like.

Tell us three things about yourself that no one else knows

I love dogs I grew up without a Telephone When I was a child I had pen pals. I loved exchanging handwritten letters with girls both in Australia and overseas in America.

You get to try and experience many different skincare products, what do you personally look for in a brand for your own regime?

One that is natural, without synthetic chemicals, not tested on animals, Australian made one that feels amazing on my skin and smells good too. I also love to connect with like-minded brands that have the same beliefs that I do. In order for me to use a product and to truly want to share it with my Spa it Girl audience, it has to make me feel good and if it does, then the good news is that brand seriously has a brand ambassador at for life!

This year you will go from Spa it Girl blogger to published author, tell us a little more about your book

It’s called, It Starts With Me. In it, I am sharing my own go-to wellness tips so you can become your happiest healthiest self which doesn’t cost the earth. I open up about a lot of my own personal experiences. How I have personally overcome many obstacles, the ups and downs of life and I give real-life practical tips that can be done on a budget. There is a 21-Day, Day-to-Day Guide, which gives readers an opportunity to focus their attention inwards and to try lots of different wellness/lifestyle things. These are things that I personally do, that have transformed the way I feel inside and my own personal life. The Book allows everyday people to change the way they feel no matter what, it’s a really #SPAITGIRL Power Book! It's created to inspire others to feel good within. I can’t wait, it will be very exciting especially for girls who love to read and do 'feel good' things.

What other exciting things do you have planned for 2017?

Apart from launching my very first Self Help Book called: It Start’s with Me, visiting more dreamy Spa Destinations and collaborating with like-minded people through Spa it Girl. Sharing lots of positive, 'feel-good' inspiration; in person, on social media and across our global Spa it Girl Blog and Community.

How can readers stay in contact with you:?


Instagram: @Spaitgirl

Facebook Page: Spa it Girl

Yvette's book 'It Start’s With Me' will be available on Amazon soon, make sure you stay up to date via her social media channels.