ONNE On Onne With Zephyr + Stone

Zephyr + Stone is an interior design studio run by the talented sister duo, Ania and Kasia. The sisters are best known for their design and styling tips with cult followers across digital platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest and their online blog. Respected experts in design, Ania and Kasia's work is always aesthetically beautiful as well as functional. Specialising in kitchen, bathroom and laundry design their works have been widely featured in numerous media publications. We sit down with both Kasia and Ania to get their tips and tricks on all things interiors as well as getting to know these amazing ladies a little more.


Your design skills and eye for detail are what all girls dreams are made of, have you always been into interior design?

Interior design and property have always been a passion for us.  Although we both began our working life as nurses, our passion for design saw us ditch the stethoscope to follow our dreams.  We lived in different states for most of our adult lives (Kasia in Melbourne and Ania in Queensland), so when Kasia moved to the Gold Coast in 2017 we joined forces and Zephyr and Stone was born.  We are both incredibly passionate about Z + S and love working together.  Both of us bring very different skill sets to the table and Z + S would not be what it is without us both.

What are your favourite rooms to design and why?

We love to design bathrooms, laundries and kitchens as we have a passion for cabinetry design.  When these spaces are designed well and are functional, this greatly improves the quality of your life and enjoyment of your home.

What are your top 5 design tips?

Don’t skip the planning stage.  We spend hours researching and brainstorming before we design a space, to ensure all elements are considered.
Choose a style and palette for each space or property and stick to it.  Ensure that the furniture and window coverings also fit in this style to create a cohesive space.
We strongly believe in quality over quantity and that less is more.  Don’t overcomplicate a design or space by trying to create too many competing features.
Incorporate natural elements and texture wherever you can.  This results in a home that is balanced and calming.
Always consider the functionality of a design and who will be using it.  The best designs are a combination of form and function, to ensure it not only looks good but performs well too.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Definitely creating solutions.  We love solving a good design problem and creating spaces that are both aesthetically beautiful and functional.

How do you balance time between the demands of your work/clients, social/family time and ‘me’ time?

It’s a daily struggle, to be honest!!  We’re learning to say no and not over-commit ourselves.  We try to tackle our most pressing jobs first and turn our phones onto aircraft mode when we’re 'in the zone’ or taking downtime.  We schedule everything into our calendars, including ‘me’ time and usually don’t start working on our office days until 10 am to ensure we can go to the gym or spend time with our husbands in the morning.

Favourite travel destinations?

Europe for architecture
Bali to unwind and relax
Noosa or Byron for a quick getaway.

How can we stay in contact with you?