Preparing Your Skin for Summer

With the end of the year approaching quickly, the weather will quickly get warmer. We can't wait to soak up the rays, feel the sand under our feet and splash in the ocean. In the Australian summer, however, the heat will get very intense which risks drying out our skin. We can't have that, now can we? Here are our top 5 tips for keeping your skin smooth and moisturised this summer.

Get lots of Vitamin C

Making sure to take vitamin C supplements regularly during summer will give you a little extra protection on top of your sunscreen. It is an antioxidant which helps regenerate the body's other oxidants, keeping the skin fresh and healthy. Not only that, but vitamin C also works to create brighter, firmer skin which helps fight the signs of aging. When used in moisturisers, vitamin C can reduce wrinkles and heal the damage caused by overexposure to UV rays.

Keep your fluids up

The most important thing to remember this summer is to drink lots and lots of water. Your body needs water to be healthy and hydrated, so make sure to provide the liquid it needs. It is important to regularly drink water or other hydrating drinks to replace the fluids the body loses through sweat. If you want to add a fruity twist to your hydration, try adding a slice of citrus to your glass. Other healthy and natural alternatives for keeping your body hydrated include green tea and coconut water. Watch out for smoothies though! They may taste yummy and contain fruits that seem healthy, but they contain loads of hidden sugars and carbs. Avoid smoothies that contain yogurts and ice cream, as these are the biggest culprits. If possible try to make your own smoothies with fresh fruit, low-sugar juice, low-fat yogurt and ice. All it needs now is one of those cute little paper umbrellas and garnish. Delicious!

Always be sun smart when going outside

Remember, UV-damaged skin isn't healthy skin. Always be sun smart when stepping out this summer and wear sunscreen, sun protective clothing, sunglasses and a chic hat. When shopping for your sunscreen, buy the broad spectrum mixtures, read the ingredients listing and choose natural ingredients where possible. We have compiled together the ingredients to avoid and the natural alternatives in the Eunoia Edit.

Use a high quality lip balm

Having dry, chapped lips can be such a pain. Although chapped lips often occur during chilly weather, they are just as common in warmer weather too. The heat in the air will try to dry out your lips, causing them to shrivel. Don't forget, lips can get sunburnt too! Look for chapsticks that include SPF protection, and always be sure to apply it regularly when venturing into the sun. Using artificial cosmetic items such as lipstick and lip gloss will dry out your lips when they are chapped. Instead, use a natural lip balm to keep your lips looking healthy and luscious. Finally, try applying olive oil to your lips before going to bed to heal any sun damage while you sleep. ONNE more tip: You can apply the Balancing Body Balm to your lips as a substitute for lip balm. It contains shea butter, which protects your lips from dryness and moisturises for a fuller look.

Use a lighter alternative to your skin cream

If you normally use a dense, rich moisturiser, then consider switching to something lighter over summer. The humidity causes our skin to produce more oil, which gets trapped by thick skin creams and clogs up the pores. To avoid summer acne, allow your skin to breathe by using an oil-free moisturiser in the warmer weather. This will allow you to moisturise your skin without that dreaded greasy feeling. We're all looking forward to the weather to pick up now that we're heading out of the colder months. But when you're out in the sun enjoying the brighter skies, make sure you're looking out for your skin as well. Remember, skin care doesn't go on holiday!