Sightsee in Style with ONNE's New Travel Bag

Your favourite ONNE products now have their very own home - and it's just as stylish as the products themselves. Introducing the ONNE cosmetic bag, your new best friend for skin care on the go. Whether you're preparing for your next luxurious getaway, or are looking for a new accessory for your handbag, we've got just the thing to help you refresh on the go.

Feel ONNE-derful on the go

Have you ever tried packing your suitcase (the night before the plane leaves, of course) and struggled to find room for all your beauty products? Sometimes it just seems impossible, and unfortunate sacrifices must be made. Well, you no longer have to leave that one body balm looking lonely on your bathroom counter once you have the ONNE travel bag. Live the #onneontour lifestyle by bringing your ONNE goodies on your jet-setting adventures. It's also the perfect gift for this upcoming holiday season. The glamorous globetrotter in your life will just adore this travel bag!

Chic and original design

With its fabulously modern pattern and minimalistic design, the ONNE Cosmetic Bag will become the newest staple in your suitcase. We create the bag using recycled washable paper, with methods that are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. The material used is also completely waterproof. You won't have to worry about your precious products getting damp when you’re using your favourite face mask or scrub. Protect your ONNE treasures from rain, sea spray, and accidental spillages during your daily beauty routine abroad. The bag itself features a bold black zip, fully lined interior and an effortless marble design. Not only does it look good, the travel bag is also practical and eco-friendly.

Uncover your favourite treasures in this wonderful travel bag

Included in the travel pack will be some of your favourite ONNE cosmetic products, all in handy travel sizes. First, you have the terrific trio of ONNE's Complexion Cream, Clarifying Cleanser, and Body Balm. The Complexion Cream is the cornerstone of any daily beauty routine. This product protects your skin from the signs of aging and allowing your skin to sparkle. Next, rid your skin of unhelpful oils and toxins with the Clarifying Cleanser. The wonderful cocktail of calendula, white oak bark, and bitter orange oil fights unwanted bacteria as you travel. Lastly, the Balancing Body Balm enriches your sun-kissed skin with coconut, cocoa butter, and chamomile. Keep your skin hydrated while soaking up the sights on your next adventure. It's the perfect combination of skincare to ensure that you're prepared, hydrated and ready to go jet-setting across the globe. Finish your beauty regime by rinsing your face with ONNE's White Monogrammed Face Towel, also included with the cosmetic bag. Made from all-natural cotton, this towel will make you feel like you're in a five-star hotel no matter where you are.