What is Double Cleansing and Why You Should Be Doing It.

Double Cleanse

We all know it is critical to remove makeup, dirt and other pollutants that have accumulated onto your skin throughout the day. Deep cleansing is an essential evening ritual that should not be skipped; if the bacteria not adequately removed from your skin, it can lead to unwanted ageing, pigmentation and those dreaded breakouts. 

Double cleansing is a method of washing your face - twice. Firstly with an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup, dirt, excess oil and dead skin. And again with a water-based cleanser to clean the skin further helping to remove the pore-clogging and acne-causing impurities that can remain on the surface even after washing your face once. 

This gentle cleansing method removes excess oil while also maintaining pH balance in your skin which is essential for oil control, whatever your skin type.

How do you Double Cleanse? 

Firstly, take a small amount of the  and using gentle circular motions, massage the product all over your dry face and neck; this is your first cleansing stage. It will help to remove all the impurities such as makeup, SPF or sebum from your surface layer without stripping it raw. 

Next, grab a water-based cleanser and go in for the second time.

This deeper cleanse will remove the sweat, bacteria, dead skin cells and any remaining surface-level residue and deeply purify the skin. It will sink deeper into your pores and work wonders for your complexion. 

Take your time when completing this second stage, as most women only cleanse on average of 20 seconds. Make sure you are washing for a least a minute or two with lukewarm water (as too hot or cold could risk irritating the skin). This will ensure your skin gains all the benefits. 

This evening double cleanse will allow serums, moisturisers and over-night products to penetrate the skin efficiently, making them much more beneficial to your skin.  

It might sound a little bit more high maintenance than what you’re used to doing, but we promise it only adds an extra minute or two to your routine. 

Our Onne Beauty Tip: 

When cleansing for the second time, add our amazing Konjac Sponge for the circular motions. This gentle sponge will help with light skin exfoliation and removal of pores.

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